Rules & Regulations

All Sandzone leagues and tournaments will play under FIVB Rules along with the Sandzone Rules below.

Player Requirements and Serving

  • Coed 6’s: Teams must have a minimum of 2 girls on the court at all times.
  • Recreational 6’s: If 1 player gets 5 consecutive serves the team will then lose serve to the opposing team.
  • Intermediate 6’s: If 1 player gets 5 consecutive serves the team shall rotate to begin serving.
  • Coed 4’s: Teams must have a minimum of 2 girls on the court at all times.. Serves are unlimited

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Registration Cancellation

League Individual or Team Registration & Tournaments:

  • If you request to cancel your registration a minimum of 2 weeks prior to any tournament or league start up, you will receive a full refund.
  • If you request to cancel your registration with less than 2 weeks prior to any tournament or league start up a 20% administration fee will be applied.
  • If you request a change with less than 2 weeks prior to any tournament or league start up we will allow you to transfer your registration to another Sandzone league date or tournament at 100% of its value

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Alcohol & Drugs

NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS will be permitted on the courts at anytime. Should any player be intoxicated at anytime during league or tournament play, our staff has the authority to ask that player to leave the premises for their safety and that of other players. Should you be asked to leave an event for intoxication you will not receive a refund of any kind.

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First Aid

Sandzone will have a fully stocked first aid kit onsite at all times. Our kids camp councillors and coordinators will be required to complete a First Aid and CPR course at the start of each season.

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Player Conduct and Court Etiquette

All players are here to have fun. There will be zero tolerance for any unsportsmanlike behaviour verbal or physical abuse of other player, spectators or Sandzone staff. Should any of these situations arise during a leagues or tournament it will result in the immediate removal of that player from Sandzone and innisfill property. 

It will be up to the Sandzone staff to decide if that player will be suspended or completely ejected from all future league and events for your behaviour.

Should you be asked to leave Sandzone event, no refund will be received.

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Team Defaults

We understand sometimes people just can't make it to a game. Each time a team defaults a game they will be warned by Sandzone staff about missing their game. Each team will get 2 WARNINGS, should your team default 3 times in one season they will be removed from the league for the remainder of the season and no refund will be received.

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Weather Conditions

Our leagues and tournaments will be played in all weather conditions. The only way a tournament or league night will be cancelled or postponed due to weather is if there is lightening in the area, or its raining hard enough to deem the courts hazardous and unsafe for play safety.


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Beach Volleyball is located at the Innisfil Recreation Complex at 7315 Yonge Street, Innisfil, Ontario
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Indoor and Grass Volleyball is located at Ferris Lane Community Church 49 Ferris Ln, Barrie, Ontario
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Evening and weekend beach volleyball leagues for men & women.

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Weekend Volleyball Tournaments for all skill levels. Always CASH paid for our elite division. Men's/Women's & Coed 2's Coed 4's. Check out our Grand Prix 50/50 Series! We have Elite, Intermediate, Receational & Beginner (no spiking) levels.

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SANDZONE is very community-minded and is looking forward to working with local charities to host fundraising tournaments and clinics.

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We're looking for energetic individuals that want to work with great people and players.
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NEW  EDITION - Players sign up as indiviuals  or teams in a 2's or 4's format.

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