Questions and Answers


Q: Is your office open right now?
A: Our office is closed, we can be reached by phone or email.

Q: Are you going to operate this summer, given the effects of Covid-19?
A:  We have every intention of having another great summer at SandZone as long as the local, provincial and federal governments says it is safe to operate.

Q: When will you decide if you are open this summer?
A:  It really depends on decisions made leading up to the program start dates and we can make adjustments to the programs if we need to.

Q: What are your plans to cope with Covid-19 this summer?
A:  There will be additional time spent training our staff and emphasizing precautions on our ability to monitor the health of everyone and to ensure the program remains a safe zone.  We will increase the number of hand sanitizer pumps.  We will encourage our youth to hand wash every hour and look at ways to avoid contact.  Our facility is very low risk with little physical contact other than touching a volleyball.

Q: What if you’re forced to close?
A:  If we are forced to close we will give a full refund and in case where programs have started we will give back a pro-rated amount

Q: What if my child or someone living in the same household is sick.
A: If anyone your child has come into contact with is sick with symptoms of Covid19 , please tell us prior to the program.


Thank you everyone and please stay safe and healthy.